Populations all over the world have used plants, herbs and natural remedies for thousands of years to help keep healthy and to heal themselves. This tradition has been found in every civilization and culture throughout human history. It has been only in the last century that pharmaceutical drugs took over in the industrial countries as the primary approach to treat disease. In some cases, drugs are appropriate, but not in all cases. As we apply modern science to nature's abundant resources, a whole new world of therapies opens to us...Natural Therapies. These can be used to not only heal, but to strengthen and enhance our quality of life.

These natural therapies are often as effective as pharmaceutical drug, but without the side effects. Many medicinal plants contain properties to heal that no synthetic drug has been able to mimic.

Perhaps the most esteem of all medicinal plants is eucalyptus and there is good reason why this plant is known as "Nature's Tree of Life". This plant has been used throughout history to treat ailments ranging from arthritis, respiratory infections, and skin irritations to chicken pox, measles and herpes. It has been used to sterilize medical and surgical equipment and has been a life saver in abating infections in the wounded in the world wars.

Eucalyptus, combined with a few other natural oils enhances its' effectiveness and creates a synergistic effect. We are pleased to be able to present this wonderful blend to the public in our All Natural Eucalyptus Pain Reliever offered here by Eucalyptus Jack.